Episode 35

Ep 35: Blessing your house with God's Love and Mercy - with Lisa Lawmaster Hess


January 29th, 2024

54 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

Jen interviews child psychologist, author, college professor and Catholic mom Lisa Lawmaster Hess about taking a Catholic view of organizing yourself and your family in love and mercy. Hess's book "Know Thyself: An Imperfectionist's guide to organizing your stuff" gives practical advice for accepting your own strengths and helping those who share your space work together to identify ways to make our homes places of functional sustainable organization by approaching each other in love and mercy.

Lisa Lawmaster Hess is a transplanted Jersey girl who has lived in Pennsylvania for most of her adult life. In her eighth grade career report, Lisa declared her intention to become a magazine journalist, but, once at Bucknell, she opted to study psychology and education instead. After earning her master's degree, Lisa worked as a school counselor for 27 years. These days, she keeps busy as an adjunct professor of psychology at York College of Pennsylvania and, of course, writing. Currently, she's at work on two non-fiction projects and a variety of articles in addition to revising a novel and writing a third book about Marita, Charli, Angel and friends. For more information about Lisa, check out her blog, The Porch Swing Chronicles, at L2Hess.blogspot.com. Lisa also blogs at Organizing by STYLE (orgbystyle.blogspot.com) and at CatholicMom.com, where she contributes to "Tech Talk" and writes the organizational feature, STYLE Savvy.

Know Thyself is available for purchase here: https://www.osvcatholicbookstore.com/product/know-thyself-the-imperfectionist-s-guide-to-sorting-your-stuff

Early Christian House Blessing prayer - https://www.sainttherse.com/early-christian-house-blessing-prayer/

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